When I gave birth to my daughter and watched her grandparents first hold her, I had a strong desire for her to know and remember them and their stories in years to come.

That was the moment I first began dreaming up LIVES.

I have spent 20 years directing new plays for major theaters across the country and in NYC and know what it means to create a theatrical journey.  We will sit in your living room and talk about your life – your early years, formative decisions and influential people, life lessons, high points and low ones.  We will then talk with your spouse or children or other loved ones that you would like to be a part of this film.  And then we will edit it and create a film of your life that you can share with those who are close to you.

Everyone has stories to tell.  Everyone has lived through dramatic moments where they have overcome fear and difficult circumstances.  Everyone has moments of celebration, pride, and joy.  These stories need to be shared with loved ones so they can remember and pass on.  I would like to help you tell yours.



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